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  • Internal and External Key Risks – Waterproof Backpack Project
    Generally, the availability of enough cash flow poses a lifeline for a business. The Forever Dry company is at a higher risk of encountering unexpected costs hence the ability of the company to reach monthly expenses becomes challenging. Additionally, the...
    pages: 5
    Words: 1138
    Level: Master
  • Fiat Mio’s Innovation – Benefits of the Crowdsourcing Experience
    Fiat’s crowdsourcing project involved more than seventeen thousand people from diverse countries for more than 15 months. The company engaged in dialogue that comprised car professionals, laypersons, and experts. The project obtained more than ten thousand ideas and more comments...
    pages: 5
    Words: 1162
    Level: Master
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  • Europe Financial Crisis
    The European Central Bank (ECB) is a central bank for the euro, mandated with administering the monetary policy of the members within the euro area or Eurozone. ECB has played a crucial role in the current economic crisis. At the...
    pages: 3
    Words: 651
    Level: Master
  • Australian Monetary and Fiscal Policy
    A Monetary policy for any particular country is a process regulated by the monetary authorities whereby the supply of money is controlled through a target rate of interest on overnight loans in the money market. This greatly affects the economy...
    pages: 4
    Words: 1058
    Level: Master