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Art Research Paper Topics

Students obtaining degrees in fine art and art & design programs most commonly need to write a paper on art topics. However, this subject is becoming more popular in educational institutions for expanding students’ horizons. Thus, both groups of receivers of education: those who are into arts and those who only get acquainted with art […]

Art Research Paper Topics

Students obtaining degrees in fine art and art & design programs most commonly need to write a paper on art topics. However, this subject is becoming more popular in educational institutions for expanding students’ horizons. Thus, both groups of receivers of education: those who are into arts and those who only get acquainted with art […]

Students obtaining degrees in fine art and art & design programs most commonly need to write a paper on art topics. However, this subject is becoming more popular in educational institutions for expanding students’ horizons. Thus, both groups of receivers of education: those who are into arts and those who only get acquainted with art basics, need to write unique and engaging art research papers.

At first glance, art seems an extensive subject with many aspects to investigate. But sometimes, it’s overwhelming to understand and contextualize art epochs, movements, and representatives in their art history research paper. It is challenging to sort out what art research paper topics are worth investigating. Writing about art and especially finding the appropriate art research topics is more complicated than making art.

Therefore, in this article, you will explore compelling ideas for your future art research paper topics. Move on and get inspired to create a unique research theme that will bring you academic success.

Choosing the Right Art Research Paper Topics

You can find an abundance of art research paper topics on the internet, but it’s not guaranteed they are good for you. There are certain things to consider before choosing the art paper theme and start working on it. Take a look at tips on how to select the best art history research paper topic and compile a high-quality study.

Select the Art Category

People have been creating aesthetic objects and experiences and sharing their masterpieces for centuries. There are traditionally distinguished seven branches of art, including literature, music, architecture, the graphic arts, the visual arts, the plastic arts, the decorative arts, and the performing arts. So before browsing art topics, choose the art branch you will further research.

Decide What to Study

Sound art research topics do not cover everything in one paper. It’s necessary to define what art aspect will be subjected to research in the study. Students can select an artistic movement like romanticism, realism, baroque, classicism, or surrealism for the most interesting art topics. It’s also possible to research an art epoch, a prominent artist, or a piece of art.

Brainstorm Ideas

For choosing the best theme of possible art research paper topics, come up with ideas and do prior research. Find out what is relevant to cover for today, what has not been investigated thoroughly, whether there are enough sources for references, and if the art research paper theme you want to explore corresponds to your course plan and instructions. 

What Are the Most Engaging Art Topics

Every art movement and period has outstanding representatives and fascinating artworks worth exploring. Your art history research paper will be interesting once you like what you do and can present it clearly to the readers. Art seems complex, but if you are well aware of the subject, you can do compelling research on different art topics. Students with no experience in writing art research papers can get inspiration from the list of the most engrossing art topics.

So you can write about using art as propaganda and what messages hide in artworks or sequential art. Deciding what you are absorbing art research paper topics is up to you as it’s only you who can engage the audience.

Artist Bibliography Art Topics

If you are not well knowledgeable about art and want to make a high-quality art research paper, this topic is right for you. You can choose the artist whose works attract you the most and tell in your research about their life and becoming an artist. Students are free to choose art topics on influential art representatives or unknown craters with engaging bibliography.

In order to make your art history research paper not simply listing pieces of artworks of a specific author, you should focus on investigating a distinct feature of these works. Thus, your history research paper topics may touch upon sensual creations by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Parisian life in Edgar Degas’s works, or the influence of celebrities on Andy Warhol’s art.

Art History Research Paper Topics

Writing an art history research paper is a great choice for students not willing to dive into art symbols and details. With a variety of art history research paper topics, you can easily find the best option or create your own theme. Students can benefit from numerous studies and literature sources to do original research. So potential art research paper topics focus on Ancient Egyptian Art, Greek Art, Christian Roman Art, Celtic Art, or Modern Art.

The ideas for your history research paper topics include defining similarities and differences between art styles at a specific time in the history of art development. It’s possible to research the influence of beauty, wars, and historical events on ancient and modern art.

Provocative Art Research Paper Topics at Different Periods

Every art epoch has introduced something new to art history and shaped the development of modern art movements. There are many decent artworks that activate thinking and aim at solving some problems. You can contemplate these masterpieces and their creators in thought-provoking art research paper topics. Touch in your art research paper on specific periods in art development.

Contemporary art topics are considered the most provocative as tragic global events and revolutionary personalities transformed the perception of the world and art. So here, we will focus on art research topics of the last three centuries.

Papers on the 18th-Century Art

The 18th-century history research paper topics are predominantly characterized by the shift to Rococo and Neoclassicism. This century was marked by revolutions, archaeological discoveries, industrial changes, and the era of Enlightenment. So the 18th-century art research topics feature great masterpieces and new ideas. Artists mix classical elements with brand new genres generating impressive pieces of art.

You can feature in your art research paper prominent artists of that epoch, including Filippo Juvarra, Luigi Vanvitelli, Jacques-Louis David, and Antonio Canova. It will also be a great idea for art topics to analyze their creations paying attention to preserving classical traditions, mythological subjects, urban views, landscapes, revolution scenes, etc.

Papers on the 19th-Century Art

Modern art developed in the 19th century due to the successful industrial revolution, social movements, Marxism, and feminism. The history research paper topics on the art of that century can cover artistic styles. Tell in your art research paper about Romanticism, Neoclassicism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Art Nouveau, all developed in the 19th.

Each style has its prominent artists whose masterpieces deserve research. Cover provocative works by Édouard Manet in your 19th-century art research paper. In your art research paper topics you can touch upon Francisco de Goya, Henri Rousseau, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and others. 

Papers on the 20th-Century Art

The 20th-century ideas for art research paper topics are multiple and diverse due to the emergence of artistic movements and global changes. You can tell a lot in an art research paper about Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Pop Art, Fauvism, Minimalism, Futurism, Dada, Surrealism, Conceptual Art, and Photorealism. Among thought-provoking artists of that time we can name Stanley Kubrick, Dan Flavin, Joseph Beuys, Jacques Duval-Brasseur, Ellsworth Kelly, and Jasper Johns.

The history research paper topics can cover how contemporary art rejects traditional aesthetic values, experimenting with forms, materials, techniques, and processes. Win-win ideas for art research topics are to take a fresh look at Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square or Salvador Dalí’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus.

Major Eras in the Arts

The history of art started dozens of thousands of years ago. Each art period is complex and has many to tell about, lasting from 30 to 300 years. In their art research paper, a student can focus on the art epoch of their interest and research its development, features, artists, and creations. The Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Romanticism, Realism, Cubism, Symbolism, Expressionism, and other art eras can find their place in students’ art research paper topics.

Let’s find major art epochs and their brief descriptions you can inspire from for your art research paper.

Flamboyant Baroque

Writing an art research paper on the Baroque era (1590-1760) is an engaging endeavor that will make you dive into the magnificent world of princes and kings. Your Baroque art research paper topics may refer to man as the central power. Students can explore in history research paper topics the role of opposites: light and dark, warm and cold, good and evil in that era. Art was a way to show power and wealth, so investigate this aspect in art research topics.

Sensual Romanticism

Your art research paper on romanticism may be focused on the emotiveness and sublime imagery of the art era. Romanticism (1790-1850) art research paper topics should highlight the role of nature and subconsciousness in masterpieces of that time. Students can choose art research topics that explore influential German, English, and French painters of the Romanticism period. They interpreted the world differently and wanted to oppose the stern nature of classicism.

You can study romanticism literature and music in your history research paper topics.

Fleeting Impressionism

In the art research paper devoted to the Impressionist era of modern art, it’s possible to research the phenomenon of art for art’s sake. Impressionism mostly manifested itself in painting due to prominent artists like Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Vincent van Gough. Impressionism (1850-1895) art research paper topics can be dedicated to music and ballet. There’s much to investigate in history research paper topics, so choose the art category, your favorite artist, and their impressive masterpieces.

Research Topics on Various Cultures

Art and culture are tightly interconnected as every culture develops its unique art forms. Thus, your art research paper may feature Aboriginal, Aztec, China, African, Indian, and Japanese cultures. Students can analyze in their art research topics how these cultures influenced art development. The interesting art topics focus on the investigation of the role of cultural identity on art creation. For example, you can feature Japanese calligraphy, traditional Chinese clothing, Indian cinema, African tribal art, and more in your art research paper topics.

Research Topics on the Art of Photography

Photography is a fascinating art category for your art research paper. This type of visual art appeared back in the 19th century and still amazes people today. In your art history research paper, you can explore the role of photography in history, art, and everyday life. Researchers can investigate how digital technologies popularized photography.

Students can research the most prominent photographers of all times like Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, and Man Ray and their creations in art research topics. It’s possible to research street, war, nature, and portrait photography. A creative idea for art research paper topics is exploring the psychological dimension of the art of photography.

Research Topics on Art Therapy

Art therapy is one of the most interesting art topics for investigation. It is possible to study the origin and applications of art therapy in the art history research paper. In their art research paper, a student can focus on how art therapy helps overcome various diseases and improve mental health. You can write an art research paper on the healing power of color and music.

Also, research what pieces of art prove to be the most effective in helping people with disabilities, psychological traumas, or autism. Students can touch upon prominent art therapists and their achievements.

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